A Little Wolf Before The Teeth of the Dog

The weather has been pretty cold and wet for the past couple of weeks and I haven’t gotten out to play until yesterday (Saturday, 1-19-19).img_2431  Mike, Dave, Steve and I braved cloudy and low 40’s temps to get in a game of Wolf before our trip to Casa de Campo (more on that later).

The range was bleak as our only practice had been at 24 X 7 Golf in Millville using the simulator.  The course was still a bit soggy and we had to use the mats to warm up.

It was our usual Wolf Game and I did a little better than last time shooting 75 with a double and 3 bogeys.  I was up 14X after the front nine and ended up 16X overall.  Putting is still an issue and I ran out of gas on the last two (2) holes – limping home with a double on 17 (water ball) and a bogey on 18 (missed 6 footer).  Click here for my scorecard if interested (Jeff’s Card)

My highlight of the day was number 4.  I went Wolf (doubling the value of that hole) based on what I thought was a good drive.  It was me against the other three (3) players and they doubled on the tee, knowing that my drive had caught the trees on the left and fell short – I should have paid more attention on the tee. Continue reading

How to Shoot 75 and Lose at Wolf

Yesterday was in the 50’s and partly sunny – a beautiful day at the Creek to play some golf with the boys. After starting the year slowly, I was looking forward to a better day of ball striking and putting; especially putting.  Things don’t always work out the way you plan them.

Putting remains an issue (37 putts for the day), but ball striking was pretty solid (12 of 14 fairways & 14 of 18 greens).  Here is my card if you are interested:  Jeff’s Card

However, in a game of Wolf that doesn’t always mean you’ll do well. Continue reading

I’ll Need to See That . . . Thanks.

Golf can be a tough game as the stakes get higher.  Putts that would be given in a simple $5 Nassau are suddenly met by silence from your opponents.  This phenomena was never more on display than Sunday at the Creek when I played a game of  Wolf with my boys – Dave, Steve and Mike.  Our Assistant Pro Ryan played along  . . . and here they are:img_2406

Continue reading

Frozen Fridays – DSGA @ Cripple Creek

Friday, January 4, 2018

The Delaware State Golf Association (DSGA) conducted a “Frozen Friday” tournament at my home club – Cripple Creek – and I decided to play.  Luckily, my friend and fellow member Alan Bloom also signed up for the tournament.  Unluckily, I also decided to forget that I’d ever putted on Cripple Creek’s greens! Continue reading

New Year’s Day Golf

We started the new year with decent golfing weather at the beach – high in the mid-60’s, but Cripple Creek was wet and soggy as we have had rain for several days.  I love to play golf on New Year’s Day and this year was no exception.

Heading out to the Creek around 9:30, I’d forgotten that one of our members has an annual couples event every January 1st.  Getting out in front of them was my most immediate goal so I headed off #10 to play the back 9.  Carrying a lighter bag with only 9 clubs, I decided to play 2 balls on each hole and take the worst of the two (2) scores.  The temp was warming up, but the wind was tricky.  Nine (9) holes later, I was 4 over par.  My birdies (2 of them) did not count because I had to take the worse score on my second ball. Continue reading



March 26, 2018

Well it finally happened and I have officially retired after 15 years in the mortgage business in our resort towns. I’ve been contemplating this move for the past year and Sue & I decided that now is the right time to give up the stress and enjoy life more. I’m not getting any younger as most of you know 

I’m going to continue with the blog, writing mostly about local issues golf, and retirement life.  I know I will see most of you around our beautiful resort towns and I look forward to continuing the friendships that have developed over the years.

If you don’t see Sue & I at the Parkway, you’ll definitely be able to find me on the golf course somewhere.  All the very best to everyone one of you and thank you for all of your help and loyalty over the years.

Telltale Signs that It’s a Scam!

History is jammed packed with stories of innovative ways that scammers have used to trick people to give them their money.  Their possessions. Their homes.

With e-commerce.  Information on the web.  Social media.  Robo-phone calls.  It’s even easier to fall into a scammer’s web of deceit.

So, how can you tell if you are one of their targets?

Well, there is no single solution, but there are warning signs that can tip you off to whether it’s a bona fide offer (or company) or a trick to get your money.

The Offer Is Too Good to Be True.  A product that you’ve always wanted at a ridiculous low price.  That you won a contest (that you never entered).  That you were recommended by a friend (hackers create fake identities using your friends’ profiles) and the friend never mentioned it to you.  That you won a lottery.  A prize.

Find out as much as you can and then Google it.  For example, you won a Samsung TV and all have to do is pay $100 for shipping charges.  Google the term “Samsung TV Scam”.  Get phone numbers to call back.  Most scammers won’t give you phone numbers.  Don’t rely on email addresses because those could be fake too.

Are There Grammatical or Spelling Errors?  Yes, we all make mistakes, but poor English or grammar is a sign that you might be dealing with a scammer.  You may think that the person is not well-educated, but experts say that might not be the case.  Sometimes they are deliberately worded that way to filter out the smarter people, and the most gullible become the victims.

Hurry, This Offer Won’t Last Long  – Scammers use fear or urgency as a tactic to bully you into action, so you don’t have time to ask for help or think things through or do your research.  Legitimate companies will give you time to make a decision.

They Ask You for Money – At some point, they are going to ask for money.  (See The Offer Is Too Good To Be True.)   They will ask for payment in advance to give you the information about the lottery that you “just won”.  They will ask you to “wire” funds.  Even though the bank can trace the funds, scammers often close the bank accounts right after receiving the money.  Don’t give your credit card info either—unless you are absolutely certain that it’s not a scam.  They will use your credit card info to buy stuff.

Do you have a scammer story that you’d like to share so we can warn others?